Kendrick Lamar- DAMN. Review

Kendrick Lamar is a rare kind of artist. He’s a talented rapper that somehow someway, even with all this intelligence and creativity, made a connection with the masses. Usually, when someone is talented, intelligent and different as Kendrick Lamar they’re somewhat underground because most people are fucking stupid. Thankfully, this genius isn’t getting passed up by hack white rappers who smoked a blunt once while listening to Eminem and got confident enough to con their way into a record deal (Mac Miller, Machine Gun Kelly).

Now let’s go through the instant classic Damn track by track.

BLOOD.-Amazing intro, love it love it love it. This track features a clip from the dunces over at Fox News criticizing Lamar over his performance at the 2015 BET awards, which is yet another reason to say Fuck Fox News!”

Side Note: I love how Fox News will talk about other sources like CNN and refer to them as “The Mainstream Media” as if Fox News isn’t a cable news station available to over 90 million televisions that uses headlines to cause emotion and reaction like everybody else.

DNA.-A hot single with an incredible beat where Kendrick Lamar annihilates the track with his incredible rhymes. Fucking amazing way to kick off what is soon to be one of the most memorable rap albums of all time. Another track that features a clip from Fox News, this time with Geraldo Rivera stating that rap has done more damage to African Americans than racism. Man o man, the kind of shit people who had a poor man’s Morton Downey Jr/Jerry Springer talk show say when they think people care about their opinion.

YAH.-This is one of the chill out/smoke some weed tracks. Apparently this track is about when Kendrick’s head is buzzing with bullshit and he has to turn to meditation to clear his thoughts and pick himself back up. According to a lyrics app on Spotify, the man spends at least 30 minutes mediating.

ELEMENT.- The bible and praying in this great track and I believe Kendrick Lamar identifies as a Christian, so let it be known Kendrick Lamar may be the only stoner who has gone through a “Reading The Bible” phase to ever be successful. Stoners reading this, how fucking annoying is it when your smoking buddies go through that “Man I’ve been re-reading The Bible” phase? God damn, just chill the fuck out and watch Rick and Morty, nobody wants to hear about Revelations over a bong.

FEEL.-Another track with a chill/meditative beat as Kendrick Lamar raps all his thoughts within a three minute period and fucking kills it. It’s an amazing mix of a chill track with a man getting out all of his tension, anger and dark thoughts. I fucking love this one. The mix of chilling out while venting your anger, fucking home run here.

LOYALTY.- Not a bad chill party track I guess. I’m not a fan of Rihanna at all, the most entertaining she’s ever been for me was her cameo in This Is The End. If she wasn’t seen as one of the most attractive females on the planet, I can’t imagine what she’d be doing. Drive Thru? Starbucks? She basically smokes weed and mumbles whatever five lines are on her mind that day, one take and walks out.

Kendrick Lamar keeps this track alive but yeah…..since Rihanna’s on it, kind of any party track that sounds like something that would play at the underage drinking party the “cool” middle schoolers might host.

PRIDE.-A cool chill track. Good mid-point track to keep your pace throughout this album. It almost sounds like Kendrick Lamar is rapping feeling so-so, but his so-so is better than most professional rappers on their best day.


This track is fucking HOT! One of the great rap tracks that will stand the test of time and a great one to blare when you’re cruising around town. A fucking home run in the game of rap.

LUST.-  A good track to fuck your woman/man/Caitlyn Jenner monstrosity to. A chill track that gets the endorphins/hormones flowing through your body and make you wanna cum on someone, toss em the towel you used to dry yourself off with after the shower you took before they arrived and then call them an Uber.

LOVE.- Great chill track to continue the Kendrick Lamar fuckfest to. This mother fucker Zacari would make any bitch drop her panties on your bedroom floor. Zacari sounds like a good artist to bust out when girls are immune to the seductive powers of Bruno Mars. And then Kendrick Lamar comes in and you’re ready to sling it doggy style as hard as you can go, making the bitch cum all over your cock. I love it!

XXX.- Great track that can’t even be held down by the fact that it has one of the lamest fucking bands currently existing, U2. I don’t hold this against Kendrick Lamar. He probably used to smoke weed to The Joshua Tree back in the day and wanted to throw a bone to a band that used to make music worth listening to before they pumping millions into their live show and currently only care about how big the stage is when they’re playing in South America.

FEAR.- Seven and a half minute track like a 60s psychedelic band, god damn I wonder what strain of weed they had in the studio that day. Probably the type you can just smell and lose your fucking mind to for a good two hours. A great accomplishment for Kendrick Lamar’s career this track. What other rappers do you know that could kill it for seven a half minutes? Sure as fuck not Drake, that whiny mother fucker. Could you imagine him whining over some pussy he got three years ago for seven and a half minutes? God I’d rather hear a millennial mutter for three hours about how Jaden Smith is an artist.

GOD.- I think Kendrick Lamar is the only person who can talk about God, Jesus and The Bible and not bore the shit out of me while sounding so preachy. I’ll be honest, I don’t give a single fuck about Christianity. A tax free multi-billion dollar industry that feels like it’s a target and threatened? You and your fucking god can suck my dick while I nut in your mouth like a child all alone in a Catholic Church with a priest surrounded by hundreds of candles. A good coming to the end track that makes you wanna scream “NOOOOOOOOO KENDRICK, GIMME FIVE MO TRACKS!!!!!”

DUCKWORTH.- Great conclusion track. Kendrick Lamar rapping his heart out over a great beat while great sampled tracks play in the background. I fucking love this one. This is certainly an album that goes out on a high note, going out with people still wanting more. A ton of people drop the mic when they really haven’t done shit but this track is a god damn mic drop!



It should not go unnoticed how incredible of a feat it is that Kendrick Lamar can come out with memorable albums in a time when people struggle to come out with incredible singles. I feel bad for crusty old fucks with their eyes closed and their arms crossed, shaking their head as they mutter relentlessly about how everything has sucked since The Beatles and Led Zeppelin stopped making music. They’ll never be able to realize the genius of this album because they’ve stopped growing as people.

DAMN. is an album that you can play over and over and still be wowed by and discovering great things from. Kendrick Lamar deserves all of the great and beautiful things in the world for creating quality music like this album.

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