My Take On Donald Trump and His Civil War Comments. Also, am I bi-curious?

Earlier this week President Trump stated that he couldn’t understand how the Civil War couldn’t be worked out.

…..nigga what? (Sure, I’m half Cuban but I’m not really Moonlight Cuban so I don’t think I’m really allowed to say such a thing. O well, those college kids aren’t putting down their Play-Doh and coloring books to read this post, so with that mind let me just say NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA NIGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!)

How could somebody be so misinformed? Like Jesus fucking Christ man, take a fucking moment out of avoiding doing your job and watch the miniseries North and South. You know, the one starring the great Patrick Swayze.

…..oh my god, in his blue military uniform and that medium length wavy brown hair that you just wanna rush your fingers through as he picks you up and throws you up against a wall, kissing your neck as you breathe in his musky scent.

My apologies for the homosexual tangent. I’m not gay. Well I’m also not homophobic. I’m sure every man has had their fantasies about James Dean.

……oh my fucking Christ have you seen Rebel Without A Cause? James Dean in that red jacket and tight blue jeans. I’m getting hard from that visual alone. I better not think about him with a cigarette dangling from his luscious lips or how adorable he looked awkwardly leaning on shit O O O or the way he chugs from a glass jug of milk, him swallowing that white liquid making me wish that jug of milk was my throbbing hard cock as I pump thick bursts of hot cum down his throat…

Christ I gotta get this fucking bullshit over with so I can relieve my tension. So what were we discussing? O yeah that orange cunt Trump.

So yeah, I really wish he would educate himself about the Civil War. Ya know maybe take three hours and watch Gone With The Wind.

…..oh my god do you remember how beautiful Clark Gable looked in that film? O Jesus, my stomach is turning over and my heart is beating rapidly just thinking of his little perfect mustache and the way he would smile looking back at Vivien Leigh over his shoulder EEEEEEEEEE!!!

….I didn’t actually shriek and wave my fists in front of my face like a girl in the beginning stages of puberty looking at Justin Bieber or whoever is a teen sensation and looks like they’re a little boy who bench presses every now and then or a butch woman who is really into softball dressed like a young male.

….k maybe I did.

What was the topic? O yeah….fucking Trump, Gone With The Wind.

Jesus fucking Christ if Clark Gable looked down at me while holding my chin and said “You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how” I would fuck that man’s cock with my throat until I choked and turned blue.

So in conclusion, Trump really needs to do some research.

And I think I’m bi-curious, at least bi-curious for legendary male leads.


5 thoughts on “My Take On Donald Trump and His Civil War Comments. Also, am I bi-curious?

  1. This article was great to jerk off too. I love all the mentions of Scattman Johnson. I to agree he is the generation of voice. He was the first mumble artist. As for Groot playing Donald trump I was Bi circus as well. And I don’t even like clown. Overall this was a great read. I only wish my Selena Gomez pocket pussy was at reach but doing it myself I seem to enjoy it more. I cum on the part that read “So Yeah”. Pure genius work and I just hope this mentally challenge writer writes more things that i can jerk off too.


    1. You should give the Ariana Grande fleshlight a ride. It was surprisingly satisfactory with a tight suction to it.


      1. ……you don’t like little boys?

        Well I guess we have NOTHING in common.

        …….if you wanna join me though for a Salo or The 120 Days of Sodom Getaway Vacation with some young boys and girls I rounded up…..offer’s still on the table 😉


  2. Sodem Getway! Can they be furries because you know I am a Bear. I’m totally going to get waste for this. Be great if we could even chatroullte the experience so that way those guys that jerk off have a show at least. I’m gonna have something honey whiskey and go to town.

    Liked by 1 person

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