Short Story: The Back Massager

The twelve year old boy was sitting in his bedroom with his father’s back massager. At first he was rubbing it across his left leg and slowly moving it towards his crotch. Once he felt the vibrations flowing through his cock and balls, his eyes began rolling into the back of his head.

He wasn’t sure if this was a fact or complete bullshit, but his father claimed to have a safesearch guard on his laptop, at least a monitor so he could see what websites his son was visiting. It had to be fact because just last week the boy thought he was being smooth looking at pornographic posters on Amazon and his father ended up without an explanation putting a stricter website blocker onto his laptop.

Not only a god damn cock blocker, but the bastard made masturbation difficult.

But this wasn’t an issue for the boy. His imagination when focusing on the girls he went to middle school with did more than Pornhub could ever do for him.

One girl in particular did it for him. For her age, she was tall with nice legs and a fantastic chest. The boy imagined how great her hair would look in a ponytail as she bobbed her mouth up and down his hard cock.

It was when he thought about the girl straddling his body, her wet cunt going up and down his cock as fast and hard as she could go with his hands gripping her tits for dear life that he began to cum inside of his pajama pants.

The cum shot out and flowed at an alarming rate that only happens to a man when they’re just a boy in the beginning stages of puberty.

Just as he was experiencing the final bursts of cum heaving his cock, his bedroom door was thrown open. Even though the boy felt a chilling and cold paralyzing feeling flowing through his body, he had enough control to at least move the back massager over to his leg.

His father walked in, handed the boy his phone and walked out. The boy knew his father was aware of what was happening but was far too embarrassed to comment or address it.

The boy turned off the back massager and looked at the screen of the phone before placing it to his ear.

“Hey mom what’s up?”

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