Hubert Selby Jr.

If you spend a decent amount of time on the internet, you’ll bound to come across the dumbest mother fuckers sadly still taking up oxygen. I guess I should be used to this but when there’s something extra fucking stupid it’s hard to ignore and forget.

I think it was on Reddit that I saw some dumb cunt post something about how books such as Requiem For A Dream and Last Exit To Brooklyn could never be considered someone’s favorite books because they’re far too disturbing to be liked and appreciated.

Obviously this dumb cunt went to a college with a safespace every fifty feet and wasted all of her father’s money during the Obama Administration.

Hubert Selby Jr is actually a great way to test friends who read. I say this because if I were to lend out my copies of Requiem For A Dream or Last Exit To Brooklyn and someone came back to me with a mouthful of bullshit like that, well I just might have to tell them off like Michael Corleone did to Fredo in Godfather Part II.

On a side note, when I typed in Fredo spellcheck doesn’t recognize the name of the brother in two of the most important films ever made, but what they do recognize and think I’m trying to say is Frodo. You know, that fucking faggot with the hairy feet in the dullest fucking books and movies with the fairies who walk around aimlessly and eventually find a volcano to toss a ring inside of. Jesus fucking Christ.

My library, while being a great place has ZERO Hubert Selby Jr. books. To me that is a cardinal fucking sin given that this fucking place probably has more mediocre erotica than they should and I can guaranfuckingtee there are some worthless fucking books written by some sad sack of shit cunt who is a shut in with a dustier pussy than Emily Dickinson who writes about a fucking cat who is solving mysteries like Sherlock Holmes if he had whiskers and could lick his asshole.

I guess I can understand such a response to Hubert Selby Jr.’s work because so many readers are pretty god damn boring. They sadly tend to be the fucking nerds you see on television reading a book who are just begging for some douche constantly wearing a varsity jacket to beat the shit out of them. These boring pieces of shit have never read a Hubert Selby Jr. book but they’ll tell you how great Charles Dickens is. Unless he’s talking about ghosts and the Christmas Spirit, I’m usually being put into a coma of boredom or dozing off into the best nap of my life thanks to Dickens.

People in general are pretty god damn boring. How many times have you heard someone say “When I go to the movies I don’t like to think?” That’s a real fucking thing adults actually feel comfortable enough to say out loud. It’s a shame we don’t punch people in the fucking mouth who say that out loud. Even if it was a woman pregnant with twins I think you should have the right to bloody that cunt’s mouth.

I understand I’m a little fucked up. Books like Last Exit To Brooklyn and Requiem For A Dream are far more enjoyable and therapeutic to me than say any reality TV show or YouTube video because I need some sort of substance or an experience from my entertainment. If it’s just disposable mindless useless entertainment that’s been tested and guaranteed not to bother or trigger anybody, I don’t fucking want it. To me that shit just feels like something from a dystopian future novel or movie where you’re just watching mindless bullshit in order to avoid feeling emotion.

The work of Hubert Selby Jr. while showing the harshest aspects of reality can also serve as an escape from reality at the same time. Perhaps this isn’t much of a factor anymore during the Trump Administration since there are actual issues to face but at least during the Obama Administration it just seemed like there were so many dull cocksuckers whining aimlessly about shit that didn’t really affect them. Thank god for the possibility of nuclear war, maybe people won’t take the time during October to give the illusion that Halloween costumes are that much of a fucking issue.

I think Hubert Selby Jr. should definitely be required reading so you can see the darkest sides of reality, how bad and bleak things could possibility get. Surely those fucking cracked eggshells of a human being that were whining about the necessity for a trigger warning when they were reading Shakespeare for a college course need to read some Hubert Selby Jr. The world would certainly be a greater place if more people took the time to read the man’s work and at least toughen up mentally and emotionally for at least 250-300 pages.

Christ and to think there are worthless sacks of shit out there who have read The Girl On The Train and not Last Exit To Brooklyn. No fucking wonder some retard like Donald Trump could step from his golden palace in the middle of New York City and say he wants to Make America Great Again and some guy working two jobs, sharing a rusted out trailer with a dozen family members can be dumb enough to believe Trump is out there for the working man and woman.

I was only able to read thirty five pages of The Cunt On The Train before tapping out since it reads like an annoying cunt in the midst of a mental breakdown who happened to write a Goosebumps book during this period.

Don’t even start me on the fucking adults who the only time they read it’s a Harry Potter book they’ve read over and over since they were in elementary school. Christ o fucking mighty……

If you want to make improvements as a human being, a step in the right direction would be to check out a Hubert Selby Jr. book because it shows how the other half lives. I think some actively avoid Hubert Selby Jr.’s work because it’s typically a spotlight on the people you do your best to look away from if you’re driving downtown and they walk past your car. All of his characters tend to be those that you power walk by while looking down at your shoes and telling yourself it’s cool to ignore them because if you were to give them money, they’d just spend it on drugs, not once considering if you would be taking drugs if life fucked you in a similar fashion that it did to the destroyed souls around us.

Just pick up a fucking Hubert Selby Jr. book, seriously how many times can you read a boring book written by some pretentious cunt sitting in her kitchen while her husband collects money at some desk job who thinks the greatest conflict one could ever face is deciding which guy is The One in a love triangle?

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