Photos I Take While I’m Bored #1

One night last week I came home from work and felt a need to do something stupid and foolish. It’s a feeling I get quite often. I don’t know whether it’s a need for attention or a need to test those around me, to see how much they’ll put up with. It never reaches a GG Allin level, but it’s always in range of such a thing.

As I was eating pizza and eating Gatorade I thought to myself “Huh, I wonder what would happened if I posted a photo of myself naked in a Chewbacca mask?”

Since most of the people I communicate with online is through Facebook I grabbed a Black Christmas Santa hat I have nearby and placed my cock and balls inside of it so Zuckerberg’s army couldn’t ban me from the social media succubus he’s made a bazillion dollars from.

And that’s the story behind this fucking ridiculous photo.

I hope to get a corporate job someday years from now and either be haunted or ruined by this photo turning up.

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