Hard Times- Paramore

I love Paramore.

I think my favorite thing about Paramore is that while being in the pop genre and recording songs that are extremely catchy, their origin was in “The Scene”, whatever the fuck that is or means. So because of this, as they continue to thrive and be successful there are angry fans who say that their music is now shit and that they’ve sold out and gone commercial. These same people probably slave away at least forty hours a week for a multi-billion dollar company for minimum wage, spend money at Hot Topic in the mall actually believing they aren’t as superficial as the people surrounding them and complain online through a phone made by Apple but hey, it’s only selling out when you can pay all your bills and then some while not being absolutely miserable right?

I once knew a guy who was very serious about the music he listened to and in a moment of weakness said Paramore was his “guilty pleasure”. I think if anybody should feel guilty it would be Paramore for attracting douches like that to their music, even as a “guilty pleasure”.

Guilty pleasure? Give me a goddamn break. If you’re using phrases in real life that were once the title for a Cobra Starship song, don’t fucking talk to me. Actually do the world a favor and either become a better person or hide in a fucking cave.

I also feel like I should mention that some people in this group who shit on Paramore tend to listen to Fall Out Boy, who have “sold out” harder than anybody. I mean when you’re writing a song and your only concern is whether or not it’s going to play well during a hockey playoff game, you’re a bit of a sellout.

The recently released single Hard Times by Paramore is like all of the highest points of Paramore’s career. It’s very catchy, has a ton of replay value and energizing. Haley Williams still possesses a voice that is like that of a Siren. According to Spotify, Paramore is in the rock category. If that’s the case, Paramore is the only current “rock” band that I can listen to and appreciate. The rest in the rock category tend to be either whiny white guys doing their best impression of Radiohead or U2 or overly aggressive white males who want the world to believe that they can drink more whiskey than anybody on the planet and fuck more girls in a single night than you ever could in a year, but under all of the tattoos you can still see the puny spit covered geek who was stuffed into lockers and trash cans in high school.

I love the music video for Hard Times as well. It has a very colorful style that reminds me of that early 1990s period before grunge broke and things were still colorful pastel, but not exactly the mid-1980s Miami Vice look. I guess what I’m saying is that the colors and look in Hard Times remind me of an episode of Saved By The Bell.

Paramore is fucking great and I love everything they do, and not just because they’re typically getting under the skin of nerdy looking guys who tend to grow large beards to balance out whatever masculinity they’re lacking and insecure about who are absolutely certain that all women only want to fuck and date assholes and not sensitive souls like them.

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