Short Story: It’s Gonna Be May

Michael sat up on the bench after easily pressing 225 for reps and looked to his left, noticing Marcus in a similar tiny sleeveless tank top, also bench pressing 225 lbs.

When both men noticed each other they jumped off their benches and rushed in for a bro hug, taking out their earphones once they did.

“What the fuck is up man?” asked Michael.

“Not much bro, just getting swole as fuck to this new Kendrick Lamar album. Shit is tight bro, shit is fucking tight.” Marcus said, flexing his chest as low key as he possibly could.

“Fucking good shit bro, fucking good shit. I was pumping out to that but I had to put on It’s Gonna Be Me to get into fucking beast mode bro. So fucking hot in here I was so woozy and typed in It’s Gonna Be May.”

Marcus looked at Michael like he was taking a shit in public. “Bro…….did you just say you were listening to NSYNC?”

Michael just now realized what he had said out loud and shook his head. “Ahhhhh no no yeah that’s uhh shit’s gay bro, shit’s really gay. I meant someone else confused about their sexuality did that.”

Marcus felt his heart skip a beat and electricity rushing through his chest, then crashing down through the pit of his stomach as he looked at how cute Michael looked when he was embarrassed. He looked away to hide the fact that he was blushing only to be face to face with a mirror nearby when Michael happened to be looking at their reflection.

“Ah shit……” Marcus said, smiling and covering his face with his hands.

A few seconds later Marcus was able to recover and slowly exhaled. Before he spoke, he thought back on when he rented Moonlight when suddenly an idea sparked within his head.

“Bro, what are you up to tonight?”

“Michael shrugged his shoulders. “Nothing bro, probably just gonna chill, ya know relax and shit. Why?”

“I was thinking maybe I could pick you up, we could check out Fate of the Furious cause I heard that shit’s tight and then maybe oooooooo I don’t know maybe go to the beach and smoke some weed?”

Michael flashed a smile, beginning to nod. Marcus tried his best to hide his excitement at the request for the time of his life being accepted.

“Yeah bro, I think I’d like that.”

“Alright bro, I’ll pick you up around nine.”

Marcus gave Michael a hug and took in how great his enormous pecs felt pressed against his. He also enjoyed the smell of his sweaty flesh. Marcus quickly pulled away, terrified he could feel an erection about to develop inside of his shorts.

After the final bro hug, both men nodded with a serious look once more on their faces and went their separate ways, doing their best to look angry and intimidating but, behind the douchy bro characters they portrayed in public both men were nothing but smiles and butterflies fluttering through their stomach on the inside.

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