Get Out

Earlier today I saw Get Out at around 11:10 am.

For a number of reasons I waited this long and saw it at such a bizarre time. I typically wait this long to see a film at the bare minimum. The main reason being that by the time I see it, everybody has seen it and I can either have the entire theater to myself or with other rational functioning human beings who know how to shut the fuck up and probably don’t even have kids to bring to disrupt the viewing. I also enjoy waiting to see whether a film is worth my time or not. Mad Max Fury Road and Django Unchained are the only films I really felt compelled to see opening weekend. Every other film nowadays is like everything else around us, disposable entertainment.

The time I see it is not only because I knew I would have the theater to myself (I did) but also because I don’t want anybody to see how effective horror films are on me as I sink into my seat with my fingers shoved into my ears.

My overall opinion of Get Out is that it’s a horror film that’s like no other that has come out in recent years. I would have to say that in recent years horror films have tried far too hard to be the serious auteur dramas that they were in the 70s and have come across as just very boring and quite pretentious. Get Out, while having elements of Kubrick’s auteur style seen in The Shining is also a fun horror film that isn’t afraid to balance out its dramatic moments with the style of comedy from Key and Peele, perhaps the most successful comedic team since the era of Martin and Lewis.

One thing I loved about Get Out was just this weird world that was created and given to us in under two hours. It’s so rare for a film to come out nowadays on a small budget and mystify us with an unseen neck of the woods and the weird and disturbing things that happen within it.

The dialogue is another strong element that stands out within Get Out. The comedic lines of the main character’s best friend are gold and the way the “whitewashed” black servants speak is also something that is memorable and will stay within your mind.

Jordan Peele’s accomplishment with this film is unbelievable. I don’t know if anybody else could’ve attempted to make this film without it being overly preachy about how bad racism is in the style of Crash. Jordan Peele instead focused first on making a great horror film and having elements of a social message sprinkled in the film and not shoving it down the throats of his viewers.

Overall, Get Out is an amazing horror film. One that will hopefully stand the test of time and be seen as one of the must watch films among fans and those who wish to create their own film within the horror genre.

2 thoughts on “Get Out

  1. Horror is my favorite genre, and it has been years since I’ve watched a good horror film. I rarely watch horror movies anymore because they are all so bad.
    Your synopsis of this movie has piqued my interest though. I even watched the trailer, and it looks good. It doesn’t hurt that you compared it to Kubrick’s style in The Shining.
    Thanks for the review.

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